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Funquiznights (The Best Quiz Site on the Internet)

Great news for all of you Pub landlords out there, are now one of the top quiz sites on the internet, we now have a considerable variety of quizzes of excellent quality at very reasonable prices.  Our picture quizzes are second to none, just look at the selection on the left.

We have also introduced a great new design, which makes it even more simple to search for Pub Quiz papers. We have implemented a shopping cart system for you to buy Pub Quiz questions and answers, which you can download instantly after checking out via Paypal.

The categories are now much easier to browse, so you can find exactly which Pub Quiz you require.

There are also more Free Pub Quiz samples for you to try out!
*You can now click into the first of each of the picture quizzes and see a copy of that particular quiz, which will give you an idea of the quality of the picture quizzes.

Hope you and your customers enjoy these new pub quizzes, as much as we enjoyed compiling them.
Now available weekly:
Pub Quiz 8 x 5 theme questions, picture quiz, 6 dingbats, answer sheet=£2.50
40 General Knowledge=50p
Cryptic Quizzes
History Quizzes
Geography Quizzes
Pop Quizzes
Special Day Quizzes
Sports Quizzes
Picture Quizzes
and many more


Welcome to Fun Quiz Nights!

Hi, my name is John, I live in sunny Rhyl which is in North Wales. I have been a quiz master in and around North Wales for over 30 years, since then I have compiled over 600,000 questions, so I decided in 1989 to start my own business,

Since then I have been compiling quizzes for pubs and clubs all over the British Isles. Because of all my experience of actually hosting quiz nights I have learnt how to keep customers interested in the quiz throughout the night, how? By not making them too hard and not making them too easy, itís a clever mixture of both, then adding picture quizzes, for customers who don't forget a face and dingbats for customers who enjoy puzzles.

Please feel free to browse our website for the latest pub quiz sheets, free samples showing off our quizzes and quality of our questions and answers, and ways to contact us about any special requirements.

Our store is live 24/7, so you can download at any time of the day
, be assured we are here when you need us, as our products are available for instant download once your transaction is completed.
If you need any questions answered asap or have a problem with the site please contact me on 01745 355072

Enjoy your stay!

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